Product Info:

Automation Intellect is a manufacturing analytics platform designed to improve machine performance, reduce downtime and increase revenue. The preconfigured solution can be implemented in just days with the ability to deliver ROI in weeks instead of years.

Key Benefits

The benefits of improved machine performance can be measured in tens of thousands if not millions of dollars per year. Automation Intellect is a preconfigured solution designed to improve manufacturing productivity through real time visibility, predictive alerts and plant floor connectivity.

Key Features

  • Performance visibility for all of your automated machines
  • Reduce downtime and poor quality parts
  • Significant reduction in the cost of production
  • Maintain optimum OEE performance
  • Historical tracking of machine data
  • Proactive alerts and monitoring
  • Understand the financial impact of OEE
  • Implement in just days with low disruption
  • Only pay for what you monitor
  • Multi-layered Security
  • ROI guarantee
  • Custom success manager helps boost engagement
  • Connectivity to all machines and devices
  • Scalable and flexible