Automated Small-Part Measurement Systems

Solution Overview

Solution Overview

Quality departments have a critical function within your organization, and not surprisingly, they often experience the most overhead costs. On top of this, the quality control process can experience human base errors due to the manual nature of measuring small parts even with high precision tools like digital calipers. Q-Span is here to change that by automating your small parts measuring protocol/process. Effectively lowering your costs plus improving gage repeatability and reproducibility.

Flexible Automation Solution for QC Measurements

Flexible Automation Solution for QC Measurements

Q-Span™ Workstations deliver flexible automation for QC measurements of small parts, offering fast ROI in high-mix, small-batch manufacturing. Q-Span Systems can automatically pick small parts, measure multiple features on each, and sort/place the parts based on any measured dimension (for example pass, fail, bin). Automation dramatically improves consistency and repeatability. Q-Span Systems can also automatically record all measured data to a PC for statistical analysis.

Key Benefits

Seamless Implementation

  • Easily fit the system into existing work spaces and workflows with quick install, and rapid change-over to measure different parts.

Measurement Resolution

  • Q-Span measurement resolution is 0.0001 in (2.5μm). This is 4X better than digital calipers.

Measurement Accuracy

  • Q-Span full-scale measurement accuracy is +/- 0.0006 in (15μm). This is 2x better than digital calipers

Measurement Repeatability

  • Q-Span measurement repeatability is +/-0.0002 in (5μm). This is 2X better than digital calipers. This is achieved using a robotic arm, gripper/caliper and special tooling to accurately reproduce the best practices for part holding, forces, positions, and orientations for each measurement, without the human cause by fatigue and distraction.

Q-Span System Correlation Study

The bottom-line value is in the numbers; here, we outline how parts are measured and validated using the Q-Span System. We also provide a FREE part correlation study and verification report to qualify that a Q-Span System is a capable tool for your parts and processes.

Curious how it’s done and how it compares with your current quality control measurement system?